West Kowloon: Where Life, Heritage and Culture Meet Exhibition

This is DanJ’s first major outing: to an exhibition about old buildings and living conditions in Hong Kong.

This is held in a soon to be demolished old style building in Sham Shui Po, one of the oldest districts in Hong Kong.

DanJ had a good time and behaved like a nice little rabbit the whole trip. Although we were all a little concern when one of the docents mentioned the word “lice.” He and 9J were admired by others when I took them out to photograph them.


Vietnamese food for lunch

We tried out a new place for Vietnamese food for lunch.

The don’t have the best service, I tell ya…

Welcome, DanJ!

New member of our little family, Dan ~ who from now will be known as DanJ (according to the naming convention of this household).

You can see that we actually found Natchan Orange with the Miffy campaign in Hong Kong.  However, I doubt we are eligible to enter the drawing.

Another tea

We had another tea today.  It was so hot I had a splitting headache resulting from just walking for a few hours outside.

Outside the library

It was a nice day and I promised 9J I would shoot her in her new outfit in better light, so here we are.

A big cheesecake for tea

Today we had a big cheesecake and “Tazo Zen” for tea.

9J debuts her new outfit, which consists of a grey hoodie, a white t-shirt with a bear embroidery, and a burgundy corduroy skirt . Unfortunately, the lighting is not the best in this Starbucks. I promise to take more pictures of her in this outfit in better lighting later.

9J anticipating the big "souffle cheesecake" in front of her.

9J anticipating the big "souffle cheesecake" in front of her.The front of the outfit.

The side of the outfit.

The side of the outfit.

The back of the outfit.

The back of the outfit.

We also saw Dan in Mong Kok yesterday.

Dan in the shop windows.

Dan in the shop windows.

Otium Ludens

I went to another exhibition with 9J today. This one is called “Otium Ludens.” I don’t know what exactly it means, probably has something to do with play and leisure. It was very nice, although not particularly interesting.

I am giving tours at the other museum again tomorrow, wish me luck!