I went to see the film “Queen’s Road East” at the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum on Caine Road in Mid-levels this afternoon. In fact, it was not a film at all, but a TV documentary program produced by RTHK before 1997. Although it was not uninteresting, I really shouldn’t have bothered. I suspected there is a DVD box set out there.

Anyways, at least 9J, Draculina and I got to go for a drink at the famous “Soho” bar and restaurant district afterwards. Doesn’t every city have a “Soho” somewhere? In Hong Kong, it means “south of Hollywood Road.”


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  1. The scalators going up to to SoHo is one of my favourite’s HK walks.

    In SoHo there’re many shops, many nice restaurant, many fancy bars… A must see.

    thank you very much for taking my sister 9j.

    Do you know that the makers of Stella made a bid for acquiring Budweiser ?

  2. Yes, that is a nice part of town.
    We should go to Soho and knock a few back. It’s much nicer and quieter than Lan Kwai Fong.
    No, I didn’t know that Stella wanted to buy Budweiser. Usually, I drink Heineken, considering it came from the same country as me originally.

  3. Dear 9j,

    We, you and me are first Hongkongnese, may be our great great, great, great grandma bunny was Dutch.

    Or are you really born in Holland???


  4. Miffy looks like they’re in awe of the beer and were about to bow down to the glass, haha.

  5. Oh my goodness, Nor, you’re right. Thanks for reading my little blog.

  6. 9j is too young for beer, besides Draculina is a bad company.

  7. […] Tags: Food and restaurants, Mexican food, Miffy, Nijntje I had Mexican food again today in Soho, but at a different restaurant.  Accompanying me isn’t 9J, it’s DanJ this time! […]

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