We’re stuck, too!

Our friend Miffa was stuck with her family in New Zealand lately because of bad weather. We are stuck today too, because of the typhoon that was approaching Hong Kong:


To past the time, Yet-unnamed-bunny read the story of Melisto:

9J also demonstrated her new protective pouch:

The front of the pouch

The front of the pouch

9J can see what's going on outside!

9J can see what's going on outside

What should we call her?

We have a hard time figuring out what to call our newly added member:

Anita Maria thought of these:

  1. EuroJ, since she’s from Europe;
  2. TailJ, since, unlike most of her sisters, she’s got a tail; and
  3. MiffJ, since she came from Miffa.

But then again,

  1. I might get another bunny from Europe;
  2. MIffa Double also has a tail

So, it’s got to be MiffJ… maybe? What do you think?

Maybe AM will run out of ideas and just call her 10J… but that’ll be boring, won’t it?

Here are some pictures of our yet-unnamed-member-of-our-bunny-family posing with the rest of the clan.

Update: I just got an email from Miffa, she said that the tag on not-yet-named-bunny means you can play with her if you’re older than 3 months, so it means I can play with her!  Yippee!