“WindJ” came to visit me at my office.  You can see here that she was talking excitedly to 9J about something.

"WindJ" talks to 9J.

"WindJ" talks to 9J.


3 Responses

  1. We were concerned about windJ size compared to your size 9j, but you look pretty the same size.

    Surely they’re discussing about partying this night while Anita is sleeping.

  2. So is her name officially “WindJ” now, Miffa? What do you think?
    Yes, partying with more rum coke! Anita is such a rummy, all her favorite mixed drinks have rum in it, besides rum coke, she also likes pina colada, blue hawaii, mai tai, and mojito.

  3. Yes, there is no Dutch name with means wind or something more poethical.

    We thought about something like Eowyn (from the lord of the rings) but the name means the lady who loves horses and not the wind.

    FB has a friend from Cuba that makes terrific Mojito – and is not a fan of Mojitos- but they’re excellent. We will ask him about his recipe.

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