WindJ is introduced to Pina Colada!

So this is official, everyone, her name is going to be “WindJ”!

This name commemorates the rare occurrence of a signal number 9 Typhoon, in this case Nuri, visiting Hong Kong on Friday, 22nd August, 2008, the day after WindJ arrived at our house.

Today I took WindJ to the bar I go to quite often and had a Pina Colada, one of my favorite drinks of all time.

It’d be great if I’d had a burrito to go with it, but I digress.

I also went to Sogo Department store’s toy department to see if there are any furniture suitable for the “Js.” I figure that so many of them are living with me now, I should give them something to play with, which also would make great photo sessions! Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything appropriate. What I did find was this — a array of Miffy things! They finally revived the Miffy counter.


3 Responses

  1. Nuri is a femenine name very common in Catalonia – The Spanish version is Nuría.

    We love WindJ. But I must explain that behind this simple name it’s the notion that she is the bunny who came with the greatest winds from the west. (quite impressive)

  2. “Nuri” actually means “parrot” in Malaysian Bahasa, or so I heard. IT was translated as “Parrot” in Chinese.

  3. […] Christmas present from mom Published December 25, 2008 Shopping and purchases Tags: Christmas, DVD, gift, Miffy, Nijntje These are my Christmas present from mom.  She didn’t prepare it beforehand, but bought them when we went shopping today (Christmas Day) at Sogo Department Store. […]

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