Another lunch, but this time with DanJ!

I had Mexican food again today in Soho, but at a different restaurant.  Accompanying me isn’t 9J, it’s DanJ this time!

I also bought some Miffy stickers.  I didn’t know they were made by Hallmarks.


5 Responses

  1. Beware of Tabasco Danj!!

    Do no put so much of it on your fajitas.

  2. Hiya Miffa!
    I put every kind of Tabasco on my food. DanJ tried only a little and he was jumping up and down, so I guess the seasoning is not for him.
    I’m also glad he didn’t try my margarita, either, because after drinking that I was drunk and I can’t imagine what he would be like if he drank it! 😛

  3. In FB’s first trip to HK he arrived on the late afternoon and founded a nice and unexpensive place to have dinner.

    I think that it was on Peking Street (Tsim Sha Tsui Station)

    Father Bunny asked for the medium hot and he was on fire (unable to finish the plate). He loves hot and spicy but as i told him a few days after (This happened before he adopted me) people from Hong Kong knows what hot is.

    Mexican food is mild compared with the fiercy hot stuff you have there.

    Please 9j, bear in mind that Dutch bunnies are not great fans of super spicy food.

  4. Yes, Peking Road has some good restaurant. What kind of cuisine did Father Bunny eat that was so spicy? Was it Chinese food?

  5. It was noodle soup. Of course Chinese soup.
    The restaurant was very small but very nice.

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