Christmas ’08 Mall Decoration Series — Pacific Place

In this installment: Pacific Place, Admiralty.

Christmas ’08 Mall Decorations Series — Ocean Terminal

Continuing with the Christmas with 9J series:

This time we are at Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui.

9J works hard

Here we have a picture of 9J watching YouTube during the day in the office, and another one of her blogging at home at night.

Happy Thanksgiving!

9J here, happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

If you don’t know what Thanksgiving is, please click on the link to learn more.

Today Anita Maria celebrated it alone by eating a turkey sandwich.

I also put a picture of her dinner up.  She went to McDonald’s, wanting to try their shrimp burger, but it was sold out.  So she had the double cheeseburger set instead.  She also added a bowl of clam chowder.

Gobble gobble!

Pesto Pasta and Wanderlust

I had lunch at Three-Sixty again.  This time a Pesto Penne pasta dish.  Later today we passed by the MTR station that was connected to the Airport Express line and saw the airport carts.  9J wants to go travelling so bad!

PuppetJ takes care of my phone

Here is PuppetJ taking care of my phone while I work.


Charm Bear wears the hip hop shirt

Here is Charm Bear wearing 9J’s “oversized hip hop shirt.”

Charm Bear