San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge

You just can’t visit San Francisco without coming here.


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Anita wouldn’t forget to immerse me in some art and culture, even when we were traveling.

San Francisco!

Finally, it’s time to present pictures from our trip to San Francisco.  For three days Anita and I went to l visit the city made famous by Tony Bennett, and this bridge, and this jail, and of course many more.  It’s been about ten years since Anita had visited San Francisco.  Here are the pictures we took of the cable cars and streets.  More coming!

Places in San Diego — Old Town

The historic Old Town of San Diego is one of Anita’s favorite places in the city.  When she took a museum class at the University of San Diego, the class often made trips here.  A large part of Old Town is actually a state park.

Places in San Diego — University of San Diego

Anita did her master’s at the University of San Diego, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

Places in San Diego — Coronado and Stones Brewery

Here we are at 1. Coronado (for brunch with a friend) and 2. Stone Brewing Company (for dinner with other friends).

Places in San Diego — Balboa Park

In this and the following posts I’ll show you some nice places to visit when in San Diego.

Here is Balboa Park.  Balboa Park contains many attractions, including Anita’s favorite, museums (there are 10 of them!)  However, we only had time to visit one — the Museum of Man.  It was smaller than Anita remembered.