Old Timey Starbucks

Today I went with 9J to a Starbucks in Central that is furnished as if it were an old-fashioned Hong Kong Cafe.  We didn’t stay because 1. there wasn’t any seats left; 2. The food wasn’t that great.  It was lunch time and we need something more substantial than your average Starbucks fare.


New Member again!

Here’s the latest of our member: CherryJ, since she is wearing a dress with cherries on it.

Today is also Miffy’s birthday, so, happy birthday!

Louis Vuitton — A Passion for Creation

I went with 9J to the exhibition called Louis Vuitton – A Passion for Creation at the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Not that impressed, I must say.  It could be me not understanding Modern Art enough.  I saw one young couple taking snapshots of the exhibits where they clearly could not.  Even worse, in another gallery they started TOUCHING THE EXHIBITS!  This really gets my goat and I had to tell the security officers about this.  One of them went over to tell them off.  However, what I don’t understand is: there were at least half a dozen officers in each room, how come no one saw what happened and I had to tell them?

After the visit we went to a German restaurant called “King Ludwig” where they have this delicious beer that I like (Meisel Weisse).

Cova again

We went to tea at Cova Caffe again, after attending a lecture on the history of Causeway Bay at the Heritage Discovery Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Cova 2

They didn’t have that raspberry cereal cake I liked.  😦

New Member of our Family!

Today is so exciting!  We received an unexpected package from Miffa, and in with it came a new member of our family ~ Takeshi Ichiban, aka GreyJ!

He came all the way from Japan (Miffa & co. are visiting their friends, the CafeMiffy bunnies, there) and is immediated welcomed into our little home.  9J and the other bunnies are quite curious of his special stance (as you can see in the pictures below) and color.

Welcome again, GreyJ,  we’re sure to have lots of fun together!

“History of Island East” Exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

We visited the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence (9J’s first time there, my third) to see the “History of Island East” exhibition.  However, it was rather disappointing as there weren’t much in terms of artefacts and historic objects on show.