Hello fellow Miffy lovers! I love my Miffy and I was reading a lot of blogs where I see people posing with their MIffys or photographing their Miffys in new and exciting situations. That inspired me to take on a project like this. Please give me some feedback! I call her 9J because, in my broken Dutch, that’s what “Nijntje” sounds like!
The Missing Miff
My boyfriend and I adopted one in Brussels, but she escaped in Luxembourg and was never seen again! Tragic! All that was left was this key chain that was once her metaphorical umbilical cord. I swear never to lose another Miffy to this cruel world again!

3 Responses

  1. Where can i buy Miffy toys in hong kong?

    • There are several places that I know of:
      1. Zoe and Bear in Windsor House (Causeway Bay)
      2. Sekiguchi in Miramar Shopping Centre (Tsim Sha Tsui)
      3. Shops at Amoy Plaza (Kowloon Bay)
      4. Some small shops in Mongkok (e.g. King Wah Centre, Trendy Zone)

  2. Thank you!

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