Forgotten Member Introduction (Apologies!!!)

Anita Maria and I must apologize for neglecting to introduce to you one of our members who joined our clan in August! Her name is AllJ and she came to us by way of Miffa.


Here she is in a moody picture with Anita Maria’s lunch, at her favorite German Restaurant.

Sorry about that!

Time for some more random food pictures

I was at the gastro bar “The Globe” with a few of my primary school friends and 9J.  The Globe was selected by CNNGo as one of the best beer bar in the city!  They serve beers from local breweries.

Meeting Anita’s Primary School Friends

Hello, 9J here!

I went to the World Trade Centre Club in Causeway Bay Hong Kong with Anita because the last time she met with her primary school friends, they requested my presence, so I had to be there!

Honestly, the food was just so-so.

U.S. Trip 2011 ~ Places in San Diego

We have also visited different places in San Diego.  However, since San Diego was a place in which Anita has lived, she didn’t take many pictures this time.

With Miffa Again

We met up with Miffa and Tometaro again at a Korean Barbecue restaurant that I love.

Birthday Dinner

Last year, I was alone in Den Haag on my birthday (which I like).  This year, my birthday falls on a Monday so my parents, aunt and their friend went out to dinner with me on Sunday instead.

Of course, there is 9J!

Dinner on the first day of the New Year

I went to an all-you-can-eat dinner with my family, where the “god of fortune” made an appearance.  Of course I brought 9J along, it’s the year of the rabbit after all.

Russian/Ukrainian Restaurant

Anita went to a Russian/Ukrainina Restaurant with her friends from dance class last week and took me along.


Hola mi amigos, es 9J!  I don’t know how to type the upside down exclamation point in the beginning of exclamations, please forgive me.

It’s been a very long time since I have updated my blog, for that I apologize!  You see, Anita has been busy the last couple of months.  With dance classes (Flamenco and Jazz), new academic classes (Master of Museum Studies at the University of Sydney via HKU SPACE), and classes that she teaches, she hardly has time to see me.  But this day, we went out and have a nice dinner together with her new friends from dance class.  It was a performance by her dance teacher and a classmate who’s in a more advance class.

The food wasn’t that great but it was a lot of fun.


Anita’s friend’s wedding day

Hello, it’s 9J again! Anita’s friend’s wedding was finally here and here are some of my pictures!