New friends from far away (once again)!

Anita invited (bought online) a couple of new friends to live with us. They are all the way from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam! Their names are PainterJ (who’s a painter just like Rembrandt, whose many worlds feature in the Rijksmuseum) and AdmiralJ (whose appearance is inspired by a famous naval leader in Dutch history, Admiral Michiel de Ruyter)

Seen here is AdmiralJ admiring (heh heh heh!) PainterJ's landscape.

Seen here is AdmiralJ admiring (heh heh heh!) PainterJ’s landscape.



Rabbit Fashion

Rabbit Fashion

Got a new shirt with DanJ on it!

Another one bites the dust

I’m talking about shops in Causeway Bay, where I live.

Hi, there, 9J here.

Anita Maria needs to buy a gift for a friend who’s getting married, so we went to a trusted old favorite, G.O.D.

It has been rumored that the big (I suspect original) branch in Causeway Bay is being forced to move out by sky-high rent.  It has proven true today.

Just when we thought this shop, which is big enough to have branches all over town including one in Central and another in the Peak, would not be affected, Hong Kong real estate moguls once again showed us who is boss.

The consolation is, there will still be G.O.D. shops around, we just need to go further afield.

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Yoshinoya gift

Even my friend Miffa knows about the Yoshinoya Miffy give-away!

My friend helped me to eat enough in exchange of this lovely bag.

New Shoes!

Hello, this is 9J!

Today is a happy day for Anita and me, but especially Anita, because this is the day she received the Menkes Flamenco shoes Miffa and her family sent her.  They are red and lovely!  They fit perfectly and she will debut them tomorrow at her dance class.

Free Gift from “With” monthly

The Japanese monthly magazine with the inexplicable title “With” gives away free Miffy towels with their January 2011 issue:


Introducing HeadJ!

Our new member:

9J (right): You're a head! HeadJ (left): Yes, I'm "a head" of you!