Time for some more random food pictures

I was at the gastro bar “The Globe” with a few of my primary school friends and 9J.  The Globe was selected by CNNGo as one of the best beer bar in the city!  They serve beers from local breweries.

With Miffa Again

We met up with Miffa and Tometaro again at a Korean Barbecue restaurant that I love.

Da Vinci Exhibition

Hi, you all, Anita Maria’s here.

Yesterday I visited the Da Vinci exhibition at the Science Museum with my new friend Aki from dance class.  I didn’t take 9J, but took two new friends along.  They are (one who has been introduced) FlowerJ and (a brand new one) BookJ!

9J living it up with Anita’s friends

Here we are at Anita’s friend’s “bachelorette” party.  She was to get married two days later. Although it was called the “bachelorette” party, only two people other than the bride showed up, and one of them was Anita! Therefore, it was a rather pathetic gathering.

Some more food!

Louis Vuitton — A Passion for Creation

I went with 9J to the exhibition called Louis Vuitton – A Passion for Creation at the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Not that impressed, I must say.  It could be me not understanding Modern Art enough.  I saw one young couple taking snapshots of the exhibits where they clearly could not.  Even worse, in another gallery they started TOUCHING THE EXHIBITS!  This really gets my goat and I had to tell the security officers about this.  One of them went over to tell them off.  However, what I don’t understand is: there were at least half a dozen officers in each room, how come no one saw what happened and I had to tell them?

After the visit we went to a German restaurant called “King Ludwig” where they have this delicious beer that I like (Meisel Weisse).

Another beer from Miffa

This time I tried the Mahou, which is not found in Hong Kong at all.