I thought 9J climbed onto the top of my computer screen out of the frustration of blogging, but no, she said she just want to do some exercises.  I guess she was right, sitting at the computer for too long is not healthy.

9J wants to escape!

9J wants to escape!

And yes, she is wearing underwear.  So demure!

I busy myself reading vintage Miffa

Hello, 9J here, everyone!

Since Anita Maria’s sister has gone back to the United States, AM is being productive and looking for summer jobs (she is mainly a freelance English tutor).  As soon as she sent out her resume, she got invited to two interviews already.  I’m proud of her!

Right now, as she’s preparing for them, I’m busying myself by reading some old blog posts by my friend Miffa over at  You should read her too, she has many interesting things to say!

At AM\'s computer reading old Miffa posts.