Greek Festival at Cyberport

In anticipation of the Olympic Games, Cyberport in the southern side of the island, had made an effort to put on a “Greek Festival” in its shopping mall to stimulate Hong Kongers’ interest in this country.

I thought this would be the perfect chance for me to bring one of my “Getty Girls,” Melisto (the ancient Greek little girl) as one of my models.

Unfortunately, the things that interest me most, namely the arts and crafts booths and drama and sports workshops, were only available on weekends. It didn’t help that Cyberport is an exclusive residential area, meaning it is hard to get to.

I added two pictures I took of 9J at Times Square before we embarked on this futile journey.

I suppose the local residents don’t shop at this mall either. It has very few retail shops and it wasn’t time for dinner yet so the restaurants were pretty much empty as well.