Gifts from Miffa

Miffa is a great friend as she always give us presents!  She and her family went to Seville and brought Anita a lot of Flamenco things.


We also went to see Bounce’s Production of “Insane in the Brain,” a “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” adaptation.


Hola mi amigos, es 9J!  I don’t know how to type the upside down exclamation point in the beginning of exclamations, please forgive me.

It’s been a very long time since I have updated my blog, for that I apologize!  You see, Anita has been busy the last couple of months.  With dance classes (Flamenco and Jazz), new academic classes (Master of Museum Studies at the University of Sydney via HKU SPACE), and classes that she teaches, she hardly has time to see me.  But this day, we went out and have a nice dinner together with her new friends from dance class.  It was a performance by her dance teacher and a classmate who’s in a more advance class.

The food wasn’t that great but it was a lot of fun.