New gifts from Miffa!


Thank you, Miffa and family!  Our New Member is called “DutchJ.”  Appropriate, right?


Gifts from Miffa

Miffa is a great friend as she always give us presents!  She and her family went to Seville and brought Anita a lot of Flamenco things.

What’s up?

Hello everyone, this is 9J!

It’s been quite a long while since I’ve updated this blog!  How is everyone doing?

Recently we received a parcel from our dear friend Miffa.  I asked my new friends to open the package with me.

This time, Miffa sent us another bottle of brandy, a piece of the original track floor of the Barcelona Olympic stadium, and some new friends called Pocoyo.

This is what X’mas should be… at least for me!

My parents gave this to me for X’mas.  May I present the newest addition ot our clan ~ MPJ!

It’s a Miffy-shaped MP3 Player!

Presents from Miffa

The ever adorable Miffa sent us gifts again!

New Member of our Family!

Today is so exciting!  We received an unexpected package from Miffa, and in with it came a new member of our family ~ Takeshi Ichiban, aka GreyJ!

He came all the way from Japan (Miffa & co. are visiting their friends, the CafeMiffy bunnies, there) and is immediated welcomed into our little home.  9J and the other bunnies are quite curious of his special stance (as you can see in the pictures below) and color.

Welcome again, GreyJ,  we’re sure to have lots of fun together!

Christmas presents from mom

These are my Christmas present from mom.  She didn’t prepare it beforehand, but bought them when we went shopping today (Christmas Day) at Sogo Department Store.

More information on Fukubukuro.