Trip to Guangzhou, Vol. 3

Here comes the last installment of my trip to Guangzhou.

We went to the “Guangzhou Insurrectional Martyr Cemetery Park.”  We came across a Xing Zhong Hui cemetery on our way there.  We were going to go to the province museum but that was closed.

Trip to Guangzhou, Vol. 2

Continuing the chronicle of my trip to Guangzhou with Anita.

Here we have pictures of us at the place where we had dinner, Tang Li Yuan.  The special thing about it is there are boats where you can sit inside to have your dinner.  But that is a minimum charge of ¥100 per person.

Luckily the dishes weren’t too big and we were able to finish them all.

Trip to Guangzhou, vol. 1

Hello everybody!  I just took a trip to Guangzhou and have tons of pictures to upload.  But please be patient with me because I am currently suffering from bronchitis and tire easily.  These pictures will be presented in several installments.

I of course went to Guangzhou with 9J, but besides her, I was also accompanied by my friend Eugenie.  Eugenie is my “museum buddy” who goes with me to visit different museums all the time.

These first batch of pictures are of the Liwan Museum, which is a renovated old house of the upper class in Guangzhou.  It was full of interesting pictures that juxtapose the old and the new besides the replica of living spaces that were presented within the different rooms of the house.  There are also pictures of the streets around the museum.  The old name for Liwan was Xiguan and from what I learnt, the girls from wealthy families in Xiguan were the epitome of fashion in their days.  No wonder this one even had a piano in her room!