Macao and Art

Not much information regarding this one, just look at the pictures then!

Trip to Macao — December, 2008, Part 2

Here are more pictures from the same trip to Macao.

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Trip to Macao — Decemeber 2008

Hello, everyone, 9J here!

I took care of Anita’s house while she went to Macao again with her parents, sister and WindJ.

Unfortunately, a little mishap happened.  Anita’s father fell sick while touring the Ruins of St. Paul’s. For the first time in her life, she had to call the emergency number (which is 999, just like in Hong Kong) to ask for an ambulance.  Anita’s father was sent to a hospital.  Her mother accompanied him and her sister and she went back and forth between the hospital and the hotel to arrange for another night’s stay (they planned to come back to Hong Kong that day).  At the end everyone was ok and her father soon recovered.  They are now safe and sound at home once again.

To prevent this post from going on for too long because of the numerous pictures, I’ll divide it into several.  Here is the first part — the hotel and room (MGM Grand):

Macao Trip 2

9J and I did what we love best, visiting historic places and museums.

Macao Trip 1

9J, I and my family went to Macao for two days one night and had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures I took with her.