McDonald’s Ebi Burger

I finally had the opportunity to taste the fabled Ebi (shrimp) Burger at McDonald’s, and it was good!

Happy Thanksgiving!

9J here, happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

If you don’t know what Thanksgiving is, please click on the link to learn more.

Today Anita Maria celebrated it alone by eating a turkey sandwich.

I also put a picture of her dinner up.  She went to McDonald’s, wanting to try their shrimp burger, but it was sold out.  So she had the double cheeseburger set instead.  She also added a bowl of clam chowder.

Gobble gobble!

Various activities

I have captured 9J in various everyday activities:

Eating breakfast at McDonald’s.  We sure have some strange stuff at the McDonald’s here!

Breakfast at McDonald\'s

9J as my teaching assistant, helping students with English verb tenses.

9J as my teaching assistant

Posing, but not actually using, the computers available at some subway stations.

posing with the public computer at a subway station

subway station computer