Forgotten Member Introduction (Apologies!!!)

Anita Maria and I must apologize for neglecting to introduce to you one of our members who joined our clan in August! Her name is AllJ and she came to us by way of Miffa.


Here she is in a moody picture with Anita Maria’s lunch, at her favorite German Restaurant.

Sorry about that!

New gifts from Miffa!


Thank you, Miffa and family!  Our New Member is called “DutchJ.”  Appropriate, right?


Miffa’s gifts

We have a nice afternoon today because once again we received presents from Miffa and her family.

Thank you, Miffa!

Thank you, Miffa!

Today we received a parcel from Miffa. Gracias!

A gift for Miffa

Go over to our friend Miffa’s blog and see what we got her from our travels!

Miffa is Da Number 1

With Miffa Again

We met up with Miffa and Tometaro again at a Korean Barbecue restaurant that I love.

Gifts from Miffa

Miffa is a great friend as she always give us presents!  She and her family went to Seville and brought Anita a lot of Flamenco things.