New friends from far away (once again)!

Anita invited (bought online) a couple of new friends to live with us. They are all the way from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam! Their names are PainterJ (who’s a painter just like Rembrandt, whose many worlds feature in the Rijksmuseum) and AdmiralJ (whose appearance is inspired by a famous naval leader in Dutch history, Admiral Michiel de Ruyter)

Seen here is AdmiralJ admiring (heh heh heh!) PainterJ's landscape.

Seen here is AdmiralJ admiring (heh heh heh!) PainterJ’s landscape.


GreyJ’s Special Talent

GreyJ performs her signature acrobatic move!

GreyJ performs her signature acrobatic move!

Here you see GreyJ her forming her famous move. Hi, this is 9J. I am sorry all the Js, Anita Maria and I have been away for so long. Anita Maria has just started a new job at a museum, so she’s been busy. We are all dying to some traveling again but this  may not be for the near future.

Everyone take care and hope to see you all again soon!

Taiwan Trip, 2013

Anita Maria took a trip to Taipei last month.  DutchJ, PearlJ, Wishie, and I (9J) went with her.

At the Yuan Shan Park

At the Yuan Shan Park

Taiwan Storyland

Taiwan Storyland


At the National Palace Museum


With the Agnes B Rabbit at the Taipei 101


With a lychee-flavored beer at the Taoyuan Airport


Traveling to Europe, July 2012

Got back from Europe.  Here are some pictures.

Hanging with 9J

I finally got time to hang with 9J.  We went to several places.

The front of the British Consulate in Hong Kong:


Asia Society Hong Kong Centre:


Wan Chai Blue House:


U. S. Trip 2011 ~ The Huntington Library

I am glad I had the opportunity to visit the Huntington Library on this trip to the U.S.  I have never been there before but have heard a lot of good things about it.  Unfortunately, a lot of people assume the entire premise is full of books by its name.

So, as you can see, there are a lot to see besides books!

U.S. Trip 2011 ~ The Field Museum

Before we leave Chicago, let’s go and see the famous Field Museum!