Here’s Tearj!

It’s taken me a while, but finally I got (at least) one picture of our new friend Tearj.  She came to us via my friend Stephanie from Japan.



Da Vinci Exhibition

Hi, you all, Anita Maria’s here.

Yesterday I visited the Da Vinci exhibition at the Science Museum with my new friend Aki from dance class.  I didn’t take 9J, but took two new friends along.  They are (one who has been introduced) FlowerJ and (a brand new one) BookJ!

Presents from Miffa

The ever adorable Miffa sent us gifts again!

New Member again!

Here’s the latest of our member: CherryJ, since she is wearing a dress with cherries on it.

Today is also Miffy’s birthday, so, happy birthday!

New Member of our Family!

Today is so exciting!  We received an unexpected package from Miffa, and in with it came a new member of our family ~ Takeshi Ichiban, aka GreyJ!

He came all the way from Japan (Miffa & co. are visiting their friends, the CafeMiffy bunnies, there) and is immediated welcomed into our little home.  9J and the other bunnies are quite curious of his special stance (as you can see in the pictures below) and color.

Welcome again, GreyJ,  we’re sure to have lots of fun together!

Thank you, Miffa!

We finally received Miffa’s big Christmas gift!

There are:

  1. a bottle of brandy
  2. a bottle of red wine
  3. a bottle of Damm beer (the beer of Barcelona)
  4. a can of Mahou
  5. a can of (Spanish) San Miguel
  6. two blocks of turron, a traditional Spanish Christmas dessert
  7. and of course, Mateo, who is Ramiro’s brother.  He comes to be 9J’s teddy!

Thanks again, Miffa!

Let us welcome — RelaxJ

Our new friend — RelaxJ (original name: Rilakkuma)!  She (he?) came to us from the Circle K convenience store (site is in Chinese).