We topped off the tour with a visit to Keukenhof, which is a internationally famous flower garden in the Netherlands.  So internationally famous that you almost only see tourists inside.

It’s only opened from March to May each year.  This year, the theme was “From Russian with Love,” but honestly I didn’t see anything Russian inside.

This time, I won’t write any captions on the pictures of the beautiful place and just let them do the talking.  If you have any questions about them, please leave them on the comments.


Noah’s Ark at Ma Wan (Park Island)

I went with some friends and (of course) 9J to the Noah’s Ark theme park/museum at Ma Wan in Hong Kong.  It tells the story of how Noah built a big ship to contain all of God’s creation to avoid being flooded.  We didn’t go through the whole park because we only had half a day and we only bought the type of ticket package that allowed us to go into two sections of the place.  After visiting Noah’s Ark we went to the park across the road called the Ma Wan Park.  It’s a free public park but I think it is also managed by the same church group that manages Noah’s Ark.  There’s also a hotel and a hostel on top of the Ark and they are managed by the YMCA of Hong Kong.

San Francisco: Alcatraz Part 2

Here are more pictures from our trip to Alcatraz:

San Francisco: Alcatraz Part 1

Another spot that one cannot miss when visiting San Francisco ~ Alcatraz Island.  However, if you would like to visit it during peak tourist season you have to book your ticket in advance.  There is only one company operating the ferry that is authorized to carry you to the island.  Anita and I were lucky to get ticket for only a day ahead.

This is one of the best places Anita has been to, she told me.  The audio tour (which is included in the price for the ferry) should win an award if it hasn’t yet.

San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge

You just can’t visit San Francisco without coming here.

San Francisco!

Finally, it’s time to present pictures from our trip to San Francisco.  For three days Anita and I went to l visit the city made famous by Tony Bennett, and this bridge, and this jail, and of course many more.  It’s been about ten years since Anita had visited San Francisco.  Here are the pictures we took of the cable cars and streets.  More coming!

Trip to Guangzhou, Vol. 3

Here comes the last installment of my trip to Guangzhou.

We went to the “Guangzhou Insurrectional Martyr Cemetery Park.”  We came across a Xing Zhong Hui cemetery on our way there.  We were going to go to the province museum but that was closed.