Christmas tree, plastic bag and DanJ reading

Order of business in this mishy-mashy post:

  1. It’s the holiday season and I’ve never had a “holiday tree” of my own, so imagine my joy when I get my order from Japan (through a brick-and-mortar shop here in Hong Kong).  It is a metal tree with magnetic ornaments.
  2. The plastic bag that comes with the order of the tree.
  3. DanJ reads with me in bed.  The book he is reading is what I use for work to teach English phonics.

Bar reading

9J is now reading up on a travel guide to Denmark, as well as the rest of Scandinavia.  I have a few weeks off next spring and I want to go away with 9J for holiday; she is doing research for me.  That glass is a Sea Breeze.  Quite nice but too small.

a book, chips, 9J and Sea Breeze

On the table: a book, chips, 9J and Sea Breeze