New Shoes!

Hello, this is 9J!

Today is a happy day for Anita and me, but especially Anita, because this is the day she received the Menkes Flamenco shoes Miffa and her family sent her.  They are red and lovely!  They fit perfectly and she will debut them tomorrow at her dance class.

I finally have something to show!

Ever since Saturday after I have seen someone blogged about this I’ve been wanting one.  I went to the Causeway Bay Crocs shop and asked, the “jibbitz” were sold out!  They had no promotions (such as magazine ads) and they were sold out?  I was so mad!  But one of the sales clerk offered to hold the Miffy head ones for me at the Central store so here they are.  The ones featuring Snuffy and Boris were bought at the Causeway Bay store because, in turn, the Central one has none of those.!aztQg9.REx9Vj.0jonAhdw–/article?mid=3310!aX3r91yeER7MpaNbIulCVSjBr4g-/article?mid=988