Another one bites the dust

I’m talking about shops in Causeway Bay, where I live.

Hi, there, 9J here.

Anita Maria needs to buy a gift for a friend who’s getting married, so we went to a trusted old favorite, G.O.D.

It has been rumored that the big (I suspect original) branch in Causeway Bay is being forced to move out by sky-high rent.  It has proven true today.

Just when we thought this shop, which is big enough to have branches all over town including one in Central and another in the Peak, would not be affected, Hong Kong real estate moguls once again showed us who is boss.

The consolation is, there will still be G.O.D. shops around, we just need to go further afield.

god1 god2 god3 god4 god5 god6

New Dress!

Anita Maria hasn’t bought me new clothes for years!  This one is fit for the theatre, no?


Why am I taking a picture in front of this store?

This is the Dolce & Gabbana store on Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.  Why am I taking a picture here?  If you want to find out, please read the following article from the Financial Times.

A gift for Miffa

Go over to our friend Miffa’s blog and see what we got her from our travels!

Miffa is Da Number 1

Introducing HeadJ!

Our new member:

9J (right): You're a head! HeadJ (left): Yes, I'm "a head" of you!


Miffy Hair Accessories!

Here are some hair accessories featuring the famous bunny from the Huis Ten Bosch Resort in Nagasaki, Japan.

Newspaper Buildings

Hi, it’s me, 9J, again!

Last Sunday Anita went to the Heritage Museum to lead some tours.  I tagged along to offer her moral support.

At the New Town Plaza in Shatin, we encountered a strange cityscape…