New Shoes!

Hello, this is 9J!

Today is a happy day for Anita and me, but especially Anita, because this is the day she received the Menkes Flamenco shoes Miffa and her family sent her.  They are red and lovely!  They fit perfectly and she will debut them tomorrow at her dance class.

What a nice surprise!

Hello everybody! This is 9J and I’m super happy today!

My friend Miffa has sent me a surprise package, YAY!!!

Inside, there are:

  1. a new member of our family, who’s a bunny in a yellow outfit. Anita thought long and hard but still could not come up with a name, I told her to “sleep on it.” Maybe it’ll come to her tomorrow;
  2. a postcard made out of wood;
  3. a magnet with a picture of a Kiwi bird
  4. a Teko Teko carved warrior to “protect all the ‘Js'” in the house.

Ooh, thank you Miffa very much! I will treasure these great gifts!