U. S. Trip 2011 ~ The Huntington Library

I am glad I had the opportunity to visit the Huntington Library on this trip to the U.S.  I have never been there before but have heard a lot of good things about it.  Unfortunately, a lot of people assume the entire premise is full of books by its name.

So, as you can see, there are a lot to see besides books!

U. S. Trip 2011 ~ The World-famous San Diego Zoo

Going to the San Diego Zoo is definitely a new experience for me, but it shouldn’t be.  I used to live in San Diego with my sister during the two years when I studied for my first master’s.  I have no idea why I haven’t been there then.  I mean, I have been to Sea World and Legoland even.

It is so much more than I expected.  I had a great time.  What made it even better was that one of my old colleagues from the University of San Diego was a member there and she gave me a free entrance pass!

U.S. Trip 2011 ~ The Field Museum

Before we leave Chicago, let’s go and see the famous Field Museum!

A gift for Miffa

Go over to our friend Miffa’s blog and see what we got her from our travels!

Miffa is Da Number 1

U.S. Trip 2011 ~ Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

Chicago is a beautiful city, full of architectural wonders!

U. S. Trip 2011 ~ Why are these things in a museum?

I mean, really, why?

U.S. Trip, 2011 ~ Santa Monica Pier

Hi, everyone, this is 9J!

It’s hard to believe that although Anita had lived in Santa Monica for quite some time, she had never visited the Santa Monica Pier until now!  So she was very glad about the chance.