U.S. Trip 2011 ~ Places in San Diego

We have also visited different places in San Diego.  However, since San Diego was a place in which Anita has lived, she didn’t take many pictures this time.


U.S. Trip, 2011 ~ The Getty Villa

Hello, readers, this is 9J!

A must-see venue for Anita, this is the Getty Villa.  This time around she had set aside an entire day to visit the place as well as have dinner with friends.

Visiting the Art Institute of Chicago

Greetings from Chicago!  9J and I visited the Art Institute of Chicago today.  You know how we love galleries!

Here are some pics of her looking at famous artworks displayed in the museum:

Can you name these paintings?  Some are easier than others.

Find out more about them on the Art Institute of Chicago’s website.

Of course 9J and I have been to many more places; be patient and we’ll deliver the pictures soon!

US Trip, 2011

Hello, friends, 9J here!

Anita and I have arrived in the US for a few days now.  We went to a lot of places and of course we will post them in time.

For now, here are some pictures of us visiting the American Girl Place at the Grove shopping center.  Anita’s cousin thought that there might be some clothes that might fit me at that shop but there wasn’t.

The Getty Villa

There’s another location of the Getty Museum besides the Center, which is the Getty Villa.  Some of Anita’s friends work there so she paid them a visit.

The Getty Villa is built like a Roman villa, or vacation home for the wealthy.  There are plenty of open air space.  It’s a nice place to walk and sit even if you weren’t interested in ancient art.

That’s all for these installments of pictures on our trips to the US!  I hope I can present to you more traveling pictures soon.  Stay tuned for pictures from our local adventures as well!  See you soon!

More Getty Center

Hello!  Here are more pictures of the Getty Center we took that day when Anita went to visit her friends.

San Francisco: Alcatraz Part 2

Here are more pictures from our trip to Alcatraz: