New members of the 9J Family

Here are some new members of the 9J clan.  Most of them have been here since April (when I came back from Holland and Denmark) but are never introduced to you, so here they are!

The story of PrincessJ: One day after seeing the sights of Utrecht, I went back to my hotel and found PrincessJ sitting among the other “Js” on the couch (I changed from a single room to a double room, which included a couch). At first I thought the staff gave me somebody’s bunny by mistake, but my boyfriend said that maybe they saw how much I love bunnies and gave me one more.  I asked the concierge and he said that it was indeed a gift for me.  Later on I found out that PrinecssJ has a tag that says “Princess” on it, and the logo looks like the “Princess” brand kettle in the room!  I think they might have received these gifts from the maker of the kettle.

Utrecht again!

We have posted something about Utrecht already, which was the most important thing: our trip to the Dick Bruna Huis.

But there are still sights to be seen:

It’s the Nijntje Pleintje, a little square dedicates to “grandma”!

It’s time to post something…

Hello, friends!  I know it’s time for us to put some pictures up from our trip!

Let’s dive right into the most important ones first.

Grandma‘s Place: