U. S. Trip 2011 ~ Why are these things in a museum?

I mean, really, why?


U.S. Trip, 2011 ~ Santa Monica Pier

Hi, everyone, this is 9J!

It’s hard to believe that although Anita had lived in Santa Monica for quite some time, she had never visited the Santa Monica Pier until now!  So she was very glad about the chance.

U.S. Trip 2011 ~ Places in San Diego

We have also visited different places in San Diego.  However, since San Diego was a place in which Anita has lived, she didn’t take many pictures this time.

U.S. Trip, 2011 ~ The Getty Villa

Hello, readers, this is 9J!

A must-see venue for Anita, this is the Getty Villa.  This time around she had set aside an entire day to visit the place as well as have dinner with friends.

US Trip, 2011

Hello, friends, 9J here!

Anita and I have arrived in the US for a few days now.  We went to a lot of places and of course we will post them in time.

For now, here are some pictures of us visiting the American Girl Place at the Grove shopping center.  Anita’s cousin thought that there might be some clothes that might fit me at that shop but there wasn’t.

New members of the 9J Family

Here are some new members of the 9J clan.  Most of them have been here since April (when I came back from Holland and Denmark) but are never introduced to you, so here they are!

The story of PrincessJ: One day after seeing the sights of Utrecht, I went back to my hotel and found PrincessJ sitting among the other “Js” on the couch (I changed from a single room to a double room, which included a couch). At first I thought the staff gave me somebody’s bunny by mistake, but my boyfriend said that maybe they saw how much I love bunnies and gave me one more.  I asked the concierge and he said that it was indeed a gift for me.  Later on I found out that PrinecssJ has a tag that says “Princess” on it, and the logo looks like the “Princess” brand kettle in the room!  I think they might have received these gifts from the maker of the kettle.


We topped off the tour with a visit to Keukenhof, which is a internationally famous flower garden in the Netherlands.  So internationally famous that you almost only see tourists inside.

It’s only opened from March to May each year.  This year, the theme was “From Russian with Love,” but honestly I didn’t see anything Russian inside.

This time, I won’t write any captions on the pictures of the beautiful place and just let them do the talking.  If you have any questions about them, please leave them on the comments.